Just Relax (How and why I relax)

Yh I heard plenty of people say this to me. At first it pissed me off because it seemed as though they just did not seem to understand what I was going through, it just seemed condescending and ignorant.

But until recently I realized that they may have a point. Because sometimes I am tense and nervous for no reason, sometimes I just don’t realize that I am tensed up because with me I usually put a lot of pressure on my self to perform well and be confident, and also speak very clearly, this makes me very tensed which makes me seem a bit robotic and makes me come across as nervous.

When you’re relaxed you are able to be more effective. When I’m relaxed my speech is a million times better.

It was pointed out by my person trainer, that I am very tensed sometimes and that I just need to relax. Because he said when Im tensed I don’t perform well. I took that onboard and nowadays guess what I just relax!

I use some techniques to relax, I take deep breaths, I put my arms down and walk around the world like I don’t give a fuck 🤣. (I am still very respectful lol).

I imagine myself on a really nice beach with no rules and responsibilities. Also I started doing progressive muscle relaxation, which I think is really good, it really helps me relax. You can find a video on YouTube to learn how to do it, just type in “Progressive muscle relaxation”.

As I’m sure you all know, medidation reading and writing can help you relax. Also asmr is good for relaxing. Plenty of videos on that.

The most obvious way to relax is to just enjoy what your doing, having no worries and stuff.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, feel free to share ways on how you relax. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Just Relax (How and why I relax)

  1. I relate a lot to this! I always seem to be tensed up when I don’t even realise it, probably because a lot of the time I used to feel anxious/on edge and the habit has stuck. I recently did a sleeping course online and it suggested progressive muscle relaxation which I’ve been trying too! I also love yoga – it’s a nice way to calm me down and help me breathe easier

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  2. Love this!!! Reminds me of Taylor Swift ‘you need to calm down’ lol honestly I need to remind myself to relax more especially in times of stress… it’s something I’m working on. Breathing / focusing on your breath is a great way to relax and calm down! I need to do this more too and yes meditation and reading and writing! Readings actually probably one of the best ways to relax actually because it gets you lost in another world for a little bit which is always nice especially when it’s a nice light hearted easy read etc!!! Thanks for this reminder… definitely going to take it on board today!

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    1. Lol, can’t remember what that song was called, barely listen to Taylor Swift, but I’m a guy so that’s probably why lol. Yh I mean I need to make relaxing a habit. Yh it is, medidation but honestly I finding reading and writing much more relaxing. I like reading because this you can mentally escape the world lol. I’m reading this book called Bridge of clay, really interesting so far. Thank you for commenting! Thanks, means a lot

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      1. Haha it’s quite a recent one out I’m surprised you’ve not heard it on the radio or anything! Meditation is great but sometimes you can think to much about the fact you’re meditating rather than just… meditating! Reading takes my mind off things easily! I so agree with what you said about reading 100%. Oh I’ve not heard of it- I’ll check it out. You’re welcome! 🙂

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      2. When I say the words I think I recognize the song lol. Agreed that why medidation doesn’t work that well for me lol. I personally think medidation is overrated. Thanks, reading really does help me to relax.


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